A man bestowed with sharp business acumen and ability to turn visions into reality, Mr. Raghavendra started his journey with civil constructions for individual houses and within no time, his efforts, passion, and outstanding professionalism led him climb the ladders of success in the industry. In 2003, he undertook the first apartment project and there has been no looking back since then. His hallmark of integrating technology, quality construction, and contemporary design inspirations could be seen in all the 30 projects that he has undertaken so far. In his glorious 14 years, his wisdom has culminated into motivation and viral energy for his employees, which in turn leaves no stone unturned to realize his dreams of meeting the residential and commercial needs of Bangaloreans. Though a lot to achieve and miles to go, he is on a mission to fulfill the needs of many through continuous efforts coupled with utmost integrity and honesty in all that SrivenEstates would do.

Mr Raghvendra