Welcome to Metropole

Where urban lifestyle meets convenience
Conjestion. Compromises. Convoluted -
the three perennial conditions that the Bangalore professionals are forced into by virtue of being a resident of this metropolitan.

The serene atmosphere that leads to their abode, the exorbitant cost that their dream home carries and the lifestyle they wish to exhibit – they are all just in their cognitive space.

Behold Metropole - Where Urban Lifestyle Meets Convenience.

Stop juggling between thoughts and it’s time you realize them. Drawing polarity to the precincts of Bannerghatta Road, J P Nagar and Kanakpura Road, Metropole is 2& 3 BHK Apartment in Anjanpura.

Aesthetically designed to let your senses breathe the freshness of greenery and absorb the happenings of the surroundings courtesy the three-sided road facing projection of this project. Its truly the convergence of urban lifestyle with Convenience.